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Channel Master 8-Bay ( 4228HD)

Channel Master 8-Bay ( 4228HD)

Channel Master 8-Bay ( 4228HD)

The Channel Master 8 Bay Antenna is a high quality UHF HDTV Antenna optimized for DTV (Digital TV). Its double the size of its little Brother the 4 bay channel master 4221HD with its 4 bays. This bowtie bay technology and unique construction makes channel master the best antenna currently on the market, many competitors have tried to copy this construction but none have been as successful as channel master.

Channel Master is a company that brings a wealth of over 30 years and are experts on Antenna products for digital television reception. This is currently the best HDTV antenna on the market with a staggering 60 mile radius for UHF TV reception.

Channel Master's model 4228HD Antenna also known as the Extremetenna can receive digital and analog over-the-air TV signals in the UHF band only (over 90% of digital TV signals are in the UHF band). The 4228HD is optimized for "fringe" and "Deep Fringe" reception of HDTV. Its efficient design is suitable for roof and attic installations.

The 4228HD is classified as a Larger-sized Directional antenna. For tips on selecting an antenna, see our OTA section to help you locate HDTV signals in your area.


* receives digital & analog UHF TV signals
* range is 60 miles
* reception "beam width" is 45 degrees
* 8-bay bowtie dipole design
* 39-1/2"W x 5-1/4"D x 36-1/4"H
* 20" turning radius (if used with an antenna rotor)
* includes 300-ohm-to-75-ohm adapter
* mast not included
* RG-6 cable is recommended
* 20 inch Turning Radius
* Far Suburban Rated
* This is a Large Directional antenna and yields a beam width of about 15 degrees

Lists of OTA TV stations in Vancouver area


2.1 58.1 CBUT-DT CBC Vancouver, BC
4.1 38.1 KOMO-DT ABC Seattle, WA
5.1 48.1 KING-DT NBC-HD Seattle, WA
5.2 48.2 KING-DT NBC-SD Seattle, WA
7.1 39.1 KIRO-DT CBS Seattle, WA
7.2 39.2 KIRO-DT RTN Seattle, WA
8.1 22.2 CHAN-DT GLOBAL Vancouver, BC
9.1 41.1 KCTS-DT PBS Seattle, WA
9.2 41.2 KCTS-DT V-ME Seattle, WA
9.3 41.3 KCTS-DT CREATE Seattle, WA
11.1 36.1 KSTW-DT CW Seattle, WA
12.1 35.1 KVOS-DT IND Bellingham, WA
13.1 18.1 KCPQ-DT FOX Tacoma, WA
13.2 18.2 KCPQ-DT WTHR Tacoma, WA
16.1 31.1 KONG-DT IND Everett, WA
16.2 31.2 KONG-DT IND Everett, WA
20.1 14.1 KTBW-DT TBN Tacoma, WA
20.2 14.2 KTBW-DT TBN Tacoma, WA
20.3 14.3 KTBW-DT TBN Tacoma, WA
20.4 14.4 KTBW-DT TBN Tacoma, WA
20.5 14.5 KTBW-DT TBN Tacoma, WA
22.1 25.1 KMYO-DT My Seattle, WA
24.1 19.1 KBCB-DT IND Bellingham, WA
28.1 27.1 KBTC-DT PBS Tacoma, WA
28.2 27.2 KBTC-DT CREATE Tacoma, WA
28.3 27.3 KBTC-DT PBS Tacoma, WA
28.4 27.4 KBTC-DT PBS Tacoma, WA
32.1 33.1 CIVT-DT CTV Vancouver, BC
45.1 44.1 KHCV-DT AZTCA Seattle, WA
45.2 44.2 KHCV-DT AZTCA Seattle, WA
45.3 44.3 KHCV-DT AAT Seattle, WA
45.4 44.4 KHCV-DT AMG Seattle, WA
50.1 50.1 KUNS-DT UNVSN Bellevue, WA


2 CBUT CBC Vancouver, BC
4 KOMO ABC Seattle, WA
5 KING NBC Seattle, WA
6 CHEK E! Victoria, BC
7 KIRO CBS Seattle, WA
8 CHAN GLOBAL Vancouver, BC 9 KCTS PBS Seattle, WA
10 CKVU IND Vancouver, BC
11 KSTW CW Seattle, WA
12 KVOS IND Bellingham, WA
13 KCPQ FOX Tacoma, WA
16 KONG IND Everett, WA 17 CIVI A Chan Vancouver, BC
20 KTBW TBN Tacoma, WA
22 KMYQ My Seattle, WA
24 KBCB IND Bellingham, WA
26 CBUFT SRC Vancouver, BC
32 CIVT CTV Vancouver, BC
42 CHNM OMNI Vancouver, BC
51 KUNS UNVSN Bellevue, WA
66 CHNU JOY Abbotsford, BC


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