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JADOO 2 - Full HD (1080p) NEW MODEL

JADOO 2 - Full HD (1080p)  NEW MODEL

JADOO 2 - Full HD (1080p) NEW MODEL

After two years of very successful IPTV product JadooBox, JadooTV has launched its second generation of IPTV set-top box with 1080p resolution and 11n wireless connectivity.

1080p is the highest resolution available to consumers today in devices like flat panel TVs, Blu-Ray DVD players and game consoles. Now they can stream same high quality content from internet - based on availability and within home network. Three different ways of content playback is supported using wired network, wireless network using 11n technology or USB Flash/HDD.

JadooTV has accomplished this incredible feat using the H.264 video compression codec (you know, the same one that Apple announced as being the core of their high-definition QuickTime 7 format). One of the key features of Jadoo2 is the wireless 11n USB dongle.

The increased range of Wireless 11n eliminates "dead spots" better known as buffering issues in homes served by Wi-Fi router communicating with Jadoo2™ box over the network. It also opens the way to high-bandwidth applications such as streaming video from your home network or external hard drive. This standard is also more reliable for multiple users doing multiple things over the network.

Benefits of Jadoo2™

* Watch HD content - View Personal Media (Videos / Music / Pictures) from your home networked PC. View content in high quality - up to 1080p (Full HD).

* Experience YouTube™ like never before - Watch millions of videos and customized content tailored to your demand including TV episodes, Dramas, Shows, Music, Cartoons, Sports and much more.

* View Live TV - Watch live TV content from around the world. Navigation is easy with jadoo2 user interface allowing users to browse through different languages and content quickly.

* MyJadoo™ - Personalize Live TV.

Benefits of 11n

* Higher speeds for streaming HD content. 802.11n equipment typically delivers more than twice the speed of 802.11g equipment, at any given throughput speed)

* Longer range transmitting better Wi-Fi signal between your router and jadoo2 box. 802.11n equipment typically delivers more than twice the range of 802.11g equipment, at any given throughput speed.

* Better performance for streaming media (necessary to view high quality content on Jadoo2™ - Full HD – 1080p box)


* Access Internet video content via broadband Internet connection directly on your TV.

* Have wired or wireless N Internet connectivity.

* Watch YouTube™ videos by categories.

* Share media contents from a computer using Windows Media Player (WMP).

* Play personal content like music, videos, and photos stored on any PC on the Local Area Network (LAN) connection.

* Use a USB memory for storage to download rented movies from Hollywood to Bollywood.

* Play personal content in HD directly from the USB memory.

* Bookmark a library of your favorite videos.


TV Standard: NTSC/PAL

Video Resolution: 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Video Interface: HDMI, Analog RCA video/stereo audio

Network Interface: 10/100BASE-T Ethernet

Optical Interface: SPDIF
USB Ports: 3 X USB 2.0 Ports for WiFi and Flash/HDD

Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS


CAD 329.00


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