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NEW Magic Jack Now with Canadian Area Code for Windows and Macintosh

NEW Magic Jack Now with Canadian Area Code for Windows and Macintosh

NEW Magic Jack Now with Canadian Area Code for Windows and Macintosh


Your first year of service is included in the purchase of a magic Jack !!!
AFTER THE FIRST YEAR is only $ 20.00 PER YEAR. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED: Call waiting, call forwarding, and voice mail etc. Amazing sound quality.


* Three way calling
* Caller ID
* Call waiting
* Call forwarding
* 911
* Voice mail

The goal is to simplify VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to the point where almost anyone can use it. Once subscribed, the only setup needed is plugging the adapter into a USB port and any analog phone into the adapter: the device automatically installs and configures itself within a minute and is ready to use from then onwards.


Supported OS List:

1. Tiger 10.4.10 (with kernel 8.10.3 or higher)
2. Tiger 10.4.11 and higher
3. Leopard 10.5.2 and higher

Note: To find your OS and kernel version, use the menu at the top of the screen: Apple Icon > About This Mac > More Info >Software.

As with most voice over IP, the advantage is low-cost calling. Reaching other magicJack users is free regardless of where they live, but differs from Skype in pricing. Instead of charging for every call to a real-world number, a 19.99 subscription per year is all you pay. Note: Your first year of service is included in the purchase of a magicJack !!!

What makes the magicJack so different?

1. Ease of use. There is no other device in the world, where you plug into a USB, up and running in a minute with plug and play and you plug in a telephone. This is one of a kind !!!
2. The price for the device and service will be unmatched.
3. The Network is considerably different than all others. We have 31 Gateways that enables us to achieve the best quality, and the lowest cost structure.
4. The CLEC is certified in 49 states with interconnection everywhere. This is a real Phone company.
No Monthly Rates - Unlimited Use !!!

There is no monthly rate with MagicJack !!! Simply by purchasing your magicJack, you have free, unlimited nationwide local and long distance PLUS all of our features (listed below) for a full year! After one year, you may renew service yearly for a low annual rate of US 19.99 per year thereafter. Remember that with magicJack you have NO CONTRACTS. So if you would like to discontinue the service, you do not need to pay the yearly fee after enjoying your first year of included service.

MagicJack Works on All Landline Phones !!!

Simply plug your current ordinary phone system into your magicJack. It works with cordless phones as well.
You can use MagicJack on your laptop, without the need for a physical phone!

Once you plug in your magicJack unit into your USB port on your laptop, a "soft phone" application will open up, allowing you to make calls by selecting the number you want to dial using your mouse and the on-screen keypad. You can save your most recently called numbers into your phonebook on your computer screen and use one-click dialing as well! All you need is a headset with a microphone.

All US/Canada calls are free when using your magicJack. You can use your magicJack at home or at your business.

Take the magicJack with you when you travel to other countries. Call back to the U.S. and Canada for FREE. Use the magicJack anywhere you find high speed internet service.

You may find that your greatest savings are where you call from another country to the US or Canada for FREE. Just make sure that your travel destinations have high speed internet access available. Most locations of Embassy Suites , Hampton , Hilton , Holiday Inn offer FREE internet access.


Simply install your magicJack and follow these directions:
* From your phone (that is plugged into your magicJack) dial your own number.
* Click the Voice Mail button on your Softphone (the phone displayed on your computer screen).
* When you hear a voice, press the star key.
* When prompted, dial the default password 1234 on your phone or Softphone.
* Please change your password once you've accessed your account.
* Follow the prompts to personalize your options.


Use the flash button on your telephone to toggle between calls. (If phone does not have a flash button just tap the button you normally use to "hang up" your phone.
You can also use your computer mouse to toggle between calls by clicking on the number you choose.


This feature is available when you have 2 inbound calls.
Portable Contact List and Call Logs.
Create and store a copy of your contact list on your magicJack and take it with you for use on any computer. Your contact list, along with your call logs will be saved securely on your magicJack. (Contact list and call logs can be accessed without an Internet connection).


CAD 49.99

On Sale:

CAD 39.99

This item is currently out of stock.

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