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Model Super Buddy 29 NEW Satellite Signal Meter

Model Super Buddy 29 NEW Satellite Signal Meter

Model Super Buddy 29 NEW Satellite Signal Meter

The Super Buddy 29 has all of the great features of the standard Super Buddy satellite meter plus an internal combo 21 volt / 29 volt module to power the new DIRECTV SWM LNBs and the WildBlue / Telesat / Xplornet TRIAs!

Be "sure of your bird" with the positive ID feature or use the automatic scan to identify the unknown satellite.

Tired of loading new satellite plans? Super Buddy's geo-sensitive field guide shows you just the birds visible to your install - ALL of them, and their individual transponders.

In addition to positively identifying the satellite, displayed measurements include signal level (dBm), quality (IRD or C/N), voltage supplied by the receiver, current drawn by LNB, and L.O. frequency drift of the LNB. Super Buddy is compatible with single and multi-LNB configurations.

Navigate easily from bird to bird with left/right arrows and through the individual transponders with up/down arrows. It's the BEST and the FASTEST!

Don't know the angles for your antenna? The zip-code lookup gives you elevation and azimuth for whichever satellite you select.

Satellite delivery is becoming more complex, but the SUPER BUDDY makes it easier! Handle the toughest jobs better, faster and cheaper.


• ID the satellite by “align-to-lock” or “automatic scan”
• Positive ID multi-lock algorithm eliminates false positives
• Field replaceable connectors
• Rugged durable aluminum case with rubber shock guards
• Geo-sensitive “Field Guide” software stores all satellites
and transponders per global region
• Zip code or Lat/Long entry provides antenna azimuth, vertical angle, and tilt/skew settings for all satellites
• Controls multi-LNBs/switches with 22kHz/DiSEqC
• Large back-lit graphic LCD
• Easy to use single function front panel buttons
• Displays cross-pol value from HughesNet Ku Band modems • Able to manually enter new satellites using front panel keypad
• Audible tone for signal lock and peak
• Quick charge battery with universal AC or vehicle 12 VDC
• USB computer interface for future upgrades
• Store measurements for proof-of-performance “POP Scan” • Pass/Fail for key transponders “Limit Scan”
• Provides power to LNBs, including the new DIRECTV SWM LNBF models and WildBlue TRIA
• LOCKs on new multi-rate/ACM signal style used by WildBlue and Telesat/Xplornet


• Signal Level (dBm, dBmV, dBuV) with present and peak bargraph
• Signal Quality, familiar IRD value with present and peak bargraph
• Carrier-to-noise ratio (dB)
• Bit Error Rate (Reed Solomon)
• Voltage supplied by IRD
• Current drawn by LNB
• LNB frequency deviation to check for LNB drift
• Spectrum Display (frequency on x-axis, amplitude on y-axis)
• Constellation Display (I and Q values)


• Shoulder strap
• Cordura protective flap
• AC Line Cord for charging battery (built-in 100 to 240 VAC Transformer)
• Automobile cigarette-lighter adapter battery charge cord
• PC Download cable (USB)
• Operation Manual
• Training video (DVD format)
• Power passing splitter (950-2150 MHz)


• NS-1 Broadband Noise Generator – for use with Super Buddy Noise Scan feature to check coax cable integrity


• Frequency Range: 950-2150 MHz
• Tuning Resolution: Individual Transponders
• Signal Level Range: -70 to -10 dBm (-21 to +39 dBmV) (+39 to +99 dBμV)
• Level Accuracy: +/-2 dB typical, 3 dB max
• Signal Lock Formats: DSS, DVB-S, Digicipher 2, 8PSK Turbo CCM & ACM
• Impedance: 75 Ohm
• LNB Power: 13VDC for V/R and 18VDC for H/L (current limited at 750 mA), 21VDC for DIRECTV SWM LNBs (current • limited at 400 mA), 29VDC for Wild
• Blue TRIAs (current limited at 325 mA)
• Switch Control: 22 kHz, DiSEqC, DISH Legacy
• Battery: rechargeable NiMH 7.2V, 3.0 Ah
• Run time/charge: 3 hours for a single LNB (depends on LNB current draw)
• Universal AC charger: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz fast charge and then trickle
• Vehicle charger: 12VDC
• Computer Interface: USB
• RF Connector: Double-F barrel field replaceable
• Size/Weight: 6.8”W x 6.4”H x 3.2”D / 2.9 lbs. (without rubber guards) 17.3cm x16.3cm x 5.8cm / 1.3kg
• Temperature Range: 0° to 125°F (-17°C to 51°C)


CAD 839.95


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