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MyGica ATV1800e XBMC Premium Combo

MyGica ATV1800e XBMC Premium Combo

MyGica ATV1800e XBMC Premium Combo

New on the market, this is the one that everyone has been waiting for. The MyGica ATV1800e is the quad core version of the popular dual core MyGica ATV1200 box. The 1800e features a built in quad core processor to make any app you throw at it run blazing fast. The built in octa core (thats 8 cores) graphics processor means you can stream everything from standard definition to 1080p and even 4k Ultra HD.
We have taken our best quad core box and fully programmed it for you to use to watch everything XBMC has to offer. We also include a setup guide that walks you through which XBMC addons are the best and tips and tricks to make the most of your Android TV box.

Is there any monthly fees?
Absolutely no monthly fees with these boxes.
Do I need to update the box?
No, all of the addons in XBMC will update automatically as addon updates come out.

Does the box go down or need to be reprogrammed?
No. These are not affected by any down time and all of the content available on them is openly shared on the internet for free. If you ever run into a problem with the box we are here to help you fix it.

What other languages are available for live TV on these besides English?
We spent alot of time testing the best English addons and putting them on this box, and decided to include addons for international TV as well. We have addons for watching: Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, Greek, Filipino and many more. There is over 100 countries supported in this box. If your unsure if we support your language, just ask and we can let you know.

What is the difference between the MyGica ATV1800e and the MyGica ATV1800e Premium Combo?

The regular MyGica ATV1800e comes preloaded with the MyGica XBMC with no XBMC addons preinstalled. With the Premium Combo we have manually installed over 100 of the most popular addons for you in XBMC which will save you hours or days of trying to figure out how to do it yourself.
We also tweak a lot of the settings in XBMC to make things easier for you and to give you the best overall experience. It also comes with the Rii i8+ keyboard remote which would usually cost .99 on its own.

The MyGica 1800e features double the CPU and graphics processing power of the MyGica 1200. Looking for the cutting edge in Android TV boxes? Look no further. The MyGica 1800e is at the top of its class for quad core Android boxes. With 2 GB DDR3 memory and 16GB of storage, this beast is up for anything you throw at it.
Custom MyGica XBMC preinstalled with support for 4k Ultra HD. Don't worry if you dont have an UHD TV, these boxes will work with any TV that has HDMI or RCA hookups.

MyGica ATV1800e Features


CPU: AML 8726, ARM Cortex A9 x4, 8GPU Mail450
CPU Frequency: 1.6~2.0GHz 3D engine
Storage: EMMC 16GB OS: Android 4.4

Interface Defintion and parameter
Output: HDMI / CVBS
USB: 4 x external
SD card: 1 x SD Card slot
Internet: 802.11 b/g/n WiFi & RJ45 10/100M ethernet
Remote control: IR remote / 2.4G wireless remote Control support
Voltage: 5V/2A DC

Main Functions

UI: ANDROID system UI style / Customized UI
Browser: Google Chrome
Media Player: Local cideo p;ayback:Mpeg1/2/4,H.264,VC-1,WMV,AVI,MKV,MOV
Online Video: Access to internet,online video playing
Music: Local music player:MP3 WAV,WMA
Online Music: Access to internet,online music playing
Picture viewer: Support multi formats:BMP,JPG,TIF,PNG,GIF
Software update: Support SD card/USB disk for software update and auto update
External storage: SD card, USB storage support


Supported Resolutions: 3840x2160 (Ultra HD), 1280x720 (720p), 1920*1080 (1080p) & standard definition
Weight: 402g
Power Consumption: < 10W
Remote Distance: 8~10Meters Visual
Product Size: 168 x 132 x 21 mm

Included in Box

MyGica ATV1800e
MyGica remote control
Rii i8+ Keyboard Remote
Power cable
HDMI cable
User manual


CAD 245.00


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