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Nanosat Premium Special Edition * *NEW MODEL**

Nanosat Premium  Special Edition * *NEW MODEL**

Nanosat Premium Special Edition * *NEW MODEL**

The Nanosat Nano Premium Special Edition (SE) comes with all the same goodies as the Nanosat Premium but now has a HDMI port along with 3 USB ports for MP3, JPEG viewer, and PVR functions. It has a built-in LAN port allowing you to connect the receiver to the internet or your home network.

Once connected to your network, you can use the receiver to play movies from your PC via the Homestreaming feature. Better yet, you can also download 100% legal and licensed movies from the Nano Premium website. If you're in the mood for some radio, you can also listen to online radio stations on the Nano Premium.

This receiver also comes WIFI READY (Optional WIFI adapter required. Not included.) To top it off, the Nano Premium comes with a high-quality universal remote and user-friendly GUI/OSD. Seems like the only thing this receiver can't do is cook your meals and wash your laundry.


* Home streaming
* Live IP Movie/Radio
* HDMI Output
* 3 x USB 2.0 Hosts (Access to HDD, USB memory, Others etc)
* Wi-Fi Ready (Optional)
* Universal Remote
* Built-In Ethernet Port
* MP3 File Play by USB 2.0
* PVR Ready via USB
* Recorded file play on PC
* Reservation Recoding by EPG function
* MPEG-II Digital & Fully DVB Compliant.
* C/KU band control for each antenna
* LNB Tone Switch 22KHz mode on/off'
* Multi-LNB controlled by DiSeqC =>DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS
* Total 8,000 Channels Programmable
* Blind Scan
* Picture In Graphic (PIG)
* Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for On Screen Channel Information
* Multi-language supported for Menu and OSD
* Zoom Function by 2x...4x
* Parental Lock
* Closed Caption Support
* CVBS Video & Audio Output via RCA
* Component YUV Output via RCA * 7-Segment(4-digit) Type of Front Panel Display
* Upgrade Software & Update Channel Database through USB 2.0 Port


CAD 169.99


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Nanosat Premium SE Wireless Bridge

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