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SatMaximum SM 1080A High Gain Antenna (over a 100-mile range) * NOW IN STOCK *

 SatMaximum SM 1080A High Gain Antenna (over a 100-mile range)  *  NOW IN STOCK  *

SatMaximum SM 1080A High Gain Antenna (over a 100-mile range) * NOW IN STOCK *

* HDTV / UHF / VHF and FM - High Gain Outdoor Antenna.

* 5 in 1: Antenna + Booster + Rotating + Remote Control + Cable.
* Brand New Factory Sealed Box. Model: SatMaximum SM 1080A
* Excellent reception for digital terrestrial TV signals and radio programs.
* Reception Range: 100+ Miles. Supports multiple TVs.
* Built in motor allows for 360 degree rotation with remote control.
* The motor is powered from control box inside the home through the coaxial cable. No outside power is needed.
* Built-in high-gain booster, super low noise amplifier.
* Easy to install and operate. Adjustment in minutes.
* Waterproof and UV resistant. This HDTV antenna will work at your camp site, boat house, cabin, RV, camper and more! Works almost everywhere.
* Foldable aluminum elements - saves packing space.
* The control box has 2 TV outputs, and with a simple splitter you can add up to 8 TVs.
* Since the antenna can be aimed in any particular direction, you will be able to pick up TV signals much better than you ever could with a regular old type fixed aerial or rabbit ears.
* This HDTV Antenna will work anywhere in the world including the USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Europe and more!


* HDTV / VHF / UHF / and FM radio reception.
* Input voltage: AC110~120V, working voltage: AC12V/300mA.
* Frequency: 47 - 860 MHz. Gain: VHF: 20dB. UHF: 25dB. Impedance: 75 Ohms.
* Installed Weight: 2 lbs. Installed dimensions: approx. 2.5 ft long x 2.5 ft wide x 1.5 ft high.
* Installs easily on any antenna mast (mast not included).
* Reception Range: 100+ Miles. 360 Degree full rotation. Heavy Duty Construction.
* Dual TV outputs from control box. Infrared remote control.
* This product is manufactured by an ISO 9001:2000 Certified factory.

Action included:

* 1 x Brand new HDTV / UHF / VHF and FM - High Gain Outdoor Antenna. Model: SatMaximum SM 1080A.
* 1 x Rotor control box with dual tv outputs.
* 1 x Heavy Duty 30 foot coaxial cable.
* 1 x IR remote control.
* 1 x AC power adapter.
* 2 Year Warranty.


CAD 89.99

On Sale:

CAD 69.99


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