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Sonicview 360 Elite Dual Tuner PVR

Sonicview 360 Elite Dual Tuner PVR

Sonicview 360 Elite Dual Tuner PVR

This hot new item is a Dual Tuner PVR FTA receiver meaning that you can watch one channel while recording another. It also has 3 USB 2.0 Ports There are two in the back of the receiver and one in the front. Connect an external hard drive via USB to begin recording your favorite shows.


*Dimensions: 11" x 13" x 3"
*DUAL (2) Tuners
*Dual Recording & Simultaneous Playback
*USB 2.0 Supported: 3 Embedded host ports
*Time-Shift mode supported
*Blind Scan Supported
*Fast Booting, Scanning
*Super Speedy Channel-Changing: Less than 1 Sec.
*S/W Downloading with Serial Port / USB 2.0 Port
*Easy-to-use User Interface
*Parental Lock Function using Master PIN Code
*6000 Channel Programmable
*100 Satellite Programmable
*Background Graphic Display for Radio Program Channels
*Various Aspect Ratios with 4:3, Letter Box, Full Screen & 16:9
*Channel Sorting by FTA, CAS, Satellite,
*Alphabetic Order & Network
*8 Favorite Channel List Group Programmable
*Close Caption Supported
*Recording Capacity (Depends on External HDD Size: 80GB = 40 Hours, 160GB *= 80 Hours, 200GB = 100 Hours)
*Fully MPEG-2 & DVB-S Supported: STi 5100 MPEG Chip-Sets
*32 Bit RISC CPU
*64M Byte DDR SDRAM/4M Byte Flash
*128K Bit EEPROM
*Powerful Trick Mode Supported
*PIG (Picture-In-Graphic) Available
*PIP (Picture-in-Picture)
*Component output (Y, Pb, Pr)
*USAL Supported
*Digital Audio Output
*256 Colors & User Friendly GUI for Easy Control
*Multi-Picture Flame Screen Available
*14, 9, 16 Flame Screen & Thumbnail View-Selectable
*Zoom In-Out Function for Watching Screen
*Automatic NTSC / PAL Detection and Simple Video Converter (NTSC ⇔)
*PAL) In On-Screen Display Menu
*RCU Key-Functions for Channel Find, Edit and Signal Strength *Display

*2-Year Manufacturer Warranty. Made in Korea.


CAD 169.95

On Sale:

CAD 134.95


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