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Yagi antenna with USB Wi-fi adapter

Yagi antenna  with USB Wi-fi adapter

Yagi antenna with USB Wi-fi adapter

Our Yagi is an outdoor and indoor antenna designed to reach a distant point (Access point, hotspots or your own internet from distant location) . You can share Internet signal up to 10 miles using 2 antennas (In clear line of sight),or you can also get Wi-Fi signal up to 6 miles away by using only one antenna.

It has a Build-in USB Wi-fi Adapter which covers 802.11-B and 802.11-G with 19dBm (maximum possible strength for a USB device) combined with a strong 17dBi Yagi antenna.

We have seen many strange (not to mention fraudulent) information on Internet about strength in the wi-fi world, some people add the power of their wifi device to the dBi of their antenna to create a combined power ratio and that's the information they give to their buyers! This conversion ratio (Called EIRP) doesn't reflect the real life and cannot be considered when you select a good antenna for your needs. Be equipped with professional stuff for cheap:
* Detachable in 3 segments.
* Plug and Play product with a built-in USB 802.11 G Wi-Fi Adapter
* No need to buy extra Wi-fi Card (PCI or PCMCIA W-iFi Card)
* No need of Type N or Pigtail connectors
* No Batteries needed
* Weatherproof
* Tuned to get the strongest possible signal
* No signal loss from USB cord like coaxial cable
* 17 Elements
* 17 DBi gain
* 15 feet USB Cable
* Extendable USB Cable on demand (with USB repeaters). *See bottom notes
* Brackets for Standard Camera Tripod and brackets for mast or other mounting types
* Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 33" (W x H x L)
* Atheros Chipset, zydas1211b
* Software and drivers included
How does it work?

Just install included drivers then plug the antennas wire into your USB Computer Slot and you're ready to catch Wi-fi Signals. No need for extra wires, PCI Cards or other internal Wi-fi card. Our Yagi antenna uses a built-in USB Wi-fi Adapter.

The new WiFi Adapter support the following operating Systems:

* Windows XP
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Mac OS 10.6
* Linux

*Important notice about USB Cable Length:

USB length physical limitation is 16 feet. If you want a longer cable you need USB repeaters. You can plug up to 3 repeaters for a total of 48 feet of extension cable + the existing 15 feet cable on the yagi (For a total of 63 feet).


CAD 119.99

On Sale:

CAD 109.99


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